Кратка презентација Бициклистичког клуба ГОРСКИ (2010.-2014.)


Ride one lap and spend an hour with the members of the CC ГОРСКИ. Tour de SOKOBANJA is following global trends in tourism, affirming active holiday (recreation) in Sokobanja. This tour is 9 km long and is very exciting: it goes through wonderful suburban areas of Sokobanja.

Let’s ride together!


The best tourist product from Sokobanja, MADE IN SOKOBANJA 

Decorative Bikes

As a decorative enterior detail, a bicycle can be a modern, as well as a rustic element of space, depending on choice of accompanying details and the flower arrangement. A decorative bicycle in the gardens also additionally revives and makes the green environment a joyful place. According to the aesthetic rules, the bicycle is designed depending on the season, your taste or the space. In a special way, it is an appropriate detail in the restaurant gardens. In this case, it can be decorated by aromatic and spice plants with (edible) flowers. Also, don’t forget the fact that you can put a very effective advertisment on this kind of a bicycle…

If you are interested in:

  • buying decorative bikes
  • placing a decorative bicycle in your enterior or exterior
  • decorating and placing the plants on a decorative bicycle
  • advice on arranging and maintaining

Sokobanja Touristic Offer

SUPERSTAR apartment is unique in its internal architecture and atmosphere: luxurious, three-bedroom apartment in the apartment house, located in a quiet, center (first zone). There are six beds in the apartment.  He was awarded for his offer (location, accommodation, garden, atmosphere) in Sokobanja in 2007…

Cycling & Recycling & Rent A Bike

Cooperation between the Club and Planet Bike is very successful. Cycling Club ГОРСКИ offers a quick and efficient supply of bikes, parts and equipment from http://www.planetbike.co.rs Planet Bike!

Within our action Old for New, we keep on buying up old bikes and parts of all types, shapes, brands and sizes, not regarding their age, quality or conditions… You can replace old bikes for new ones in the quickest possible way! Recycle and enjoy! 


Donate online!
Donate online!


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